Research Projects

Some examples of group members’s explorations:


What do we mean by Hove?

Where and when did Hove begin and how did it grow from a hamlet of 101 souls in 1801 into a town of 90,000 covering an area nine times that of the old Hove parish ? Click HERE for Rob Doe’s introduction  to the development of Hove. Contact Rob HERE.

My Conway Street Project 

Gabrielle Conway’s  presentation to the group outlining some of the resources she has used to research her great grandparent’s home life in Conway Street. To see it, click HERE.    Contact Gabrielle HERE

hove gender imbalance illustThe Unbalanced Age and Gender Structure of Hove’s Population

For much of the 19th and early 20th Centuries Women far outnumbered men in Hove. One reason for this was the large number of female servants employed in its upmarket houses.

John Henshaw has crunched the numbers and provides interesting comparisons with other towns.  See HERE the graphs that illustrate the changing age and gender structure of Hove and HERE to find the actual figures. Contact John HERE.