History of Hove Quiz

1) Who was the principal architect of Brunswick Square and Brunswick Terrace? Why is it not actually Regency?

2) What was Hove Museum used for in the First World War? When was it Built?

3) Where was the original Hove Station built? What was the first name of the current Hove Station?

4) What was the name of the estate where St Anne’s Well Gardens is situated? What was the name of the spring in the gardens?

5) When was Hove Park officially opened? What is the connection to the Druids?

6) Where were the first firemen of Hove stationed? Where were the Hove Volunteer Fire Brigade based in 1879?

7) What was the King Alfred Centre used for during the Second World War and what was it called?

8) What building is now on the site of the Hove Gasworks? What is the name of the church on the adjacent site?

9) What statue is at the end of Grand Avenue? Why was the unveiling a discreet affair?

10 Where in Hove would you find the Wolseley Room? What is the connection with Rudyard Kipling?

The group member  sending the best and most complete answers (to be judged by Clive) will receive a prize; a copy of Judy Middleton’s “A History of Women’s Lives in Hove and Portslade”.

You can use the form below: